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released December 15, 2019

Recorded and Mixed by Celestial Event Studio
Mastered by North London Bomb Factory
Artwork by Florence Roman Illustration
Lay out by Tom Bornarel
Guestvocals by Lieke Sjmieke Azijnpisser on Creep

Loner Cult Records - lonercult.bandcamp.com
Spastic Fantastic Records - spasticfantastic.bandcamp.com

Special thanks to Dismalfucker and Lieke!


all rights reserved



HETZE Belgium


Feb 1 : Hetze Dismalfucker Releaseparty Antwerp
Feb 15 : Hetze Dismalfucker releaseparty Münster
Feb 21 : Frost Punx Picnic Mulheim
Feb 29: Bristol Gent
March 19: TBA
March 20 : Dreadfest Leeds UK
April 7 : AMC Antwerp
July 15: Obscene Extreme
Sept 11 : Chimpyfest London
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Track Name: GAG
They changed the channel
I was not looking
Let me out
Live for nothing
Put the chains
They look pretty

Silence is a burden
that belongs to most of us

Hide in a cage
My shallow grave
Let me out
Live for nothing
Put the chains
They don't pinch
Track Name: GUTTER
One curse
Pattern of thoughts
Slip from its grasp
Stains in the mind

Sick, they make me sick

One curse
Mourning the loss
Marbled with blood
Nothing is left

Sick, they make me sick

I’d rather die in the gutter
Sick, they make me sick
Sick, sick, sick, sick
Track Name: BIG BITE
Now we're trapped
Blur our vision
And dig their grave
The money flows
across the line
Vanishing lives
What a mess is made

All what's left is greed
and death

Played by nations
Life is doomed
The circle turns
It never ends

All what's left is greed
and death
Track Name: VOID
We're all gonna die
Hide myself
in my brain
Feels good
on my own
No more worries
for a change
Seek control

Don't pretend
By all means
It's shallow
in the end

I am done keeping up
with things in life
Never look back
too long
My past was never a mistake
Don't fool yourself, we're all gonna die

Things go wrong
Time will pass
Another day
Never quit
Take a risk
Don't freak out
Never quit
Track Name: CREEP
Cross path creeps
My heart skips a beat
Cross path creeps

Filled with anger
They follow you around
Eyes on the pavement
This is the fucking norm
Hands in my pockets
Lose the ability to breathe
No more understanding
No clue what lies beyond

Gone is my pride
Left me in tears
Gone is my pride
My heart skips a beat
Gone is my pride
No corner to hide

Gone is my pride
It rings in my ears

Beaten, burned, raped, tied up
Track Name: TRAPPED
Passed around
To please the crowd
Captured and sold
For what
Their natural needs
are rarely met
So much money on
the hoof

For what

Passed around
to please the crowd
Captured and sold
For what
Their natural needs
are rarely met
Captured and sold
For what

Concrete slabs
and iron bars
Shot to death
For what
Track Name: VILE
out on the streets
Generate fear

Dressed in blood
Generate fear

Spewing rubbish
and hateful beliefs
Love without fear
is living in sin
The darkness of threats
will promise you hell

Generate fear

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